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Learn the secrets to...
NAIL Your First Speaking Gig

We’ve all been there. Sat in a room watching speech after speech and wondering if anyone is going to capture our attention. Are we going to have to see the same old mistakes repeated over and over again. In the back of your mind you want to believe that what you have to say is enough to get your message across. You want to believe that you are going to stand up and not repeat those same mistakes. Instead of looking out and seeing a room full of blank faces you want to see interest and attentiveness. You want to show the room that what you have to say is worth listening to. Worth acting on. The rest of the room wants that too. You want to believe it.

Now you can KNOW it.

In this joint workshop presented by Jen Mak (aspacefor.com) and John Child (presentationskills101.com) you will learn the techniques that will take you from concept to applause. By the end of the session you will not only know how to present yourself and your information you’ll know how to be the one person that the room remembers, you’ll know that when you take to the stage to make your first pitch people will listen and act on what you have to say. It doesn’t matter if you are presenting yourself or your next big project, this workshop is for you.

Aimed at the action rich and time poor this information packed evening is aimed at those with little or no presentation experience. It will be of particular interest to new business owners and entrepreneurs who are entering the world of networking and the quick ‘elevator’ pitch. Through a series of practical discussions and exercises we will leave you ready to deliver your first ever* 5 minute business pitch. But that’s not all. Along the way you’ll pick up hints and tips from two trainers who have a wealth of presentation and speaking experience.

Hear what some of the previous attendees had to say  

As an added bonus…

Everyone that attends this free workshop will also receive our short email course in supercharging your presentation skills. This course gives you the opportunity to complete ‘extra credit’ exercises that can take your future presentations to the next level. We’ll even give you a free audio copy of the workshop so that you can review the information and what you’ve learned whenever you want.


So, what’s the catch?

This workshop is catch-free. All that we ask is that if you enjoy the session and find it of benefit you tell your friends and share our page on your social media.

These popular workshops fill up fast and you will need to reserve your place to attend. You can do that here. Once we receive your details we’ll make sure that you are added to the bonus email course and our monthly newsletter**


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* or your first best ever presentation
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Questions? Please email info@nailspeakingfree.co.uk


These workshops are FREE but space is limited so you will need to register to attend:


An introduction to Jen Mak*:


*Jen drops at least 3 key points to improve your presentations & effectiveness

5 things you will learn during this session:

* The best timing strategies

* How to structure your speech for maximum impact (and leave them wanting to hear more)

* The one big mistake guaranteed to lose your audience (and how to avoid it)

* 3 ways to banish pre-presentation nerves

* The one technique that can increase retention exponentially.

Some previous feedback:

'It was great!'

'Positive and enriching'

'Thoroughly enjoyed it'


How to contact us:

By email:

By skype / landline: 0113 328 0993