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John Child


I am a Marketing and Communications consultant with twenty years of brand marketing experience and a combined ten year background in Training and Development. Over the years I've developed a holistic approach to Marketing and Presentation Skills and PresentationSkills101 has been created to reflect this viewpoint.

I'm a passionate advocate for client based services and the creation of a better world through clear and honest communication.

Marketing Services (click here for information)

I've created marketing campaigns for amongst others:

GE Capital
Greencore Foods
Hazlewood Foods
Walmart UK (ASDA)
GWC UK Agents
Co-operative Foods
Wm Morrisons

I specialise in developing and managing cohesive,targetted campaigns for growth hungry,client focussed organisations.

Companies bring me in when they are:

Striving to achieve consistent and measurable growth
Frustrated from dealing with complicated or inconsistent social media
Under significant pressure to eliminate brand apathy
Committed to accomplishing rapid, consistent growth alongside brand loyalty
They’ve had it with costly consultants who don’t deliver on their promise
Facing Threats from competitors looking to grow or own their market share

I believe in a holistic and measurable approach, providing client centred solutions that encompass traditional and online methods.

I work to provide fully integrated solutions from brief to implementation.

I work with clients to identify internal issues affecting customer perception.

I am a ‘maverick’ by nature. I don’t just believe in this weeks ‘hot topic’. I work to provide the solution that fits your needs.

I take a data driven approach. You cannot evaluate what you cannot measure.

I build ongoing solutions that drive business by focussing on client and consumer need.

Download our Marketing Services Information as a PDF

Presentation Skills Training (click here for information)

With over 10 years of experience in building and delivering training courses I have worked with a diverse range of clients. My belief is that Presentation Skills are a key area to success in any field. Companies bring me in when:

They have a group of staff that need to learn a consistent standard of presentation
They have a staff member that needs to be brought up to date with how to use Powerpoint or Excel in the creation of presentations
They have a staff member or executive that rapidly needs to handle their 'stage-fright' before making that big presentation.

Alongside my extensive experience of building winning presentations I am also an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Some of the organisations I have created training courses for:

GE Capital
Lloyds Banking Group
Greencore Foods
Hazlewood Foods

Download out Training Catalogue as a PDF

In addition to offering our bespoke marketing and training services we also run regular ticketed events. These began in 2018 and have proven to be highly successful.

How to contact us:

By email:

Contact John directly:
07920 292267