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I highly recommend John Child as a life coach. I was apprehensive to say the least. I have had both good and bad experiences with counselors in the past and was looking for something different, something that would support me through a new stage in my life and help me access the power that I know I hold within.

The first session allowed me and John to share information and decide whether we could in fact work together, define boundaries and set the intention of what I the client wanted to focus on. From the off set John came across as a very genuine, non pretentious hard working, individual who undoubtedly cared about the quality of the service he offered.

The second and third sessions took me from feeling like my life was out of control because of an over anxious mind, old issues and the fact that I was attempting to make big life changes,.. to being focused, calmly dealing with my thoughts objectively and both managing and being highly productive with my time due to the applying of new coping strategies.

I don’t quite know how I made so much progress in such a short space of time but I do attribute much of my success to the positive working partnership it was so easy to form with John, his acute listening skills, in depth knowledge and personalized exercises and support.

I am most thankful for the help he gave me at this time.

Emily B.


I feel I got as far with you in one session than I have in three sessions with my previous coach!



John is a pleasure to work with. When you embark on a lifestyle change, a new beginning, you have to feel at total ease with someone.

To be able to let my guard down has never been easy, and this is why, I feel, life for me at 33 is now starting to change. Not only do I want it to, but also because I have a mentor, my lifecoach who lets me see those changes clearly.

John is trustworthy, honest and totally professional. As hard as any change is, he makes it seem so easy.

Gayle F.

A one hour session and I was on top of my problems and ready to face the world.

Give John your time and prepare for huge changes.

James J.
NLP Client

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copyright © 2020 John Child & PresentationSkills101.com