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A truely pro-active marketing solution geared towards growth and long-term financial gains.

Doesn’t it seem as though everytime you switch on your computer there is a new marketing method you need to know about? Or a new ‘guru’ telling you to put your money in another social media site (but only with their ‘fool-proof’ system)? Some days it seems as though half the day’s gone before doing any actual business. It’s hard to know what to pay attention to and what to let slide. What actually works and what is just another ‘method.’

When you’re looking to take your business from good to growth, who has time to choose between the next sale and implimenting a marketing strategy? Why bother with marketing anyway when your sales book is looking so healthy?

Home truths that most growth business owners don’t want to admit:

We all feel like we need to be experts in every part of our business. We are not.
That order book that looks so healthy now...
it doesn’t look so healthy for 6 months down the line.
Those clients that have been paying the bills - are a mystery.
Most businesses have been putting a bit of time into their social media but don’t really understand how (or if..!) it affects their business.
They’ve been putting off their marketing in favour of concentrating on
the sales process (causing the sales team undue pressure)

The real truth is simple. Marketing is not just about a leaflet or a facebook post. It’s not about the ‘next big technique.’ It pervades every aspect of your business from product development and sales to customer service and aftercare. It makes the difference between a happy returning client and a vocally unhappy one.

If you don’t have a handle on your marketing you are risking the reputation and the future growth of your company.

I know the balancing act that taking a company to the next level of growth can bring. I understand the risk involved in employing full time staff to handle the situation. For many businesses this paradox can mean a key area of the business gets left behind (or worse it gets half-done and actually does damage to your bottom line and the company reputation).

Every day you continue to turn a blind eye to this problem you risk your future a little more.

You need a risk-free solution that will allow your company to grow NOW while at the same time building a foundation for the future.

A solid marketing strategy will:

Build a foundation on which to grow future sales.
Ensure that every communication from prospect to aftercare is ‘on message’ and no unexpected surprises derail the client experience.
Be measurable: You should not do anything that you cannot measure.
Be multi-channel: No exclusively ‘online’ or ‘offline’ strategy will stand the test of time. You need a bulletproof plan that will evolve overtime and flex with the growth and direction of your company.
Deliver what you need: All marketing plans should be based on what your company and clients need. Those deliverables should be guaranteed. There is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing solution.
Be affordable: You should know up-front the cost of the service and what you can expect for your money.

Your own dedicated marketing expert for 3 months...

Building a strategy and working with you to create and implement a solid plan that will flex and grow with your business. What could that kind of resource do for your business?

Your marketing should be as unique as your business. That’s why we offer plans tailored to your needs, and based on deliverables agreed by you.


1 Week fully embedded in organisation
Comprehensive marketing plan built and implemented within month one
1 Month Running, Monitoring and Tweaking the initial campaigns
Full staff training in running the plan (including all platforms used and analysis)
2 weeks overseeing and monitoring campaign
2 Weeks further telephone consultations and
follow up
Total Hours = 217 over 3 months


1 Week fully embedded in organisation
3 Weeks dedicated comprehensive plan building and implementation within month one
1 Month Running, Monitoring and Tweaking the initial campaigns
2 Weeks full staff training (including all platforms used and analysis)
2 Weeks Monitoring campaign and Mentoring Staff
4 Weeks further telephone consultations and
follow up
Total Hours = 500 over 3 months

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