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N.A.I.L. Your First Speaking Gig | Free Resources

Welcome to the resources page that accompanies our introduction to presentation skills. All of the resources on this page are designed to compliment the information contained in the free ebook, the Udemy course or the DVD / Audio workshop. If you've attended one of our live workshops then these additional resources will be a valuable reminder of some of the key exercises we discussed in person.

If you haven't yet downloaded your free ebook we recommend that you do that before you continue. Don't worry, you don't even have to give us your emal address to gain access. Just click here.



This MP3 audio was recorded some time ago at an event for new business owners. John Child talks about face to face networking, how to sell without selling and the format of the elevator pitch. Along the way there are real life examples of the techniques discussed as well as a few 'further reading' recommendations. Clocking in at just under an hour this is a rough and ready recording that is worth taking the time over.

You may also want to take a listen to Episode 8 of The Business Growth Weekly which also talks about networking.


The Complete Breath is a powerful technique for quickly calming nerves and anxiety in any stressful situation. This WAV audio is short (less than four minutes) but it is one of the most effective techniques we teach. John teaches this technique to every client. It takes a bit of practice but it can truely change the way you approach stressful moments.


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