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N.A.I.L. Your First Speaking Gig

As our workshops have become more widely known we realised that just because you are not able to travel to Leeds you shouldn't have to miss out on the skills and techniques covered in our introductory workshop.

Audio Download

Clocking in at 79 minutes this MP3 covers the whole of the workshop. We've edited out the time it takes to complete the exercises. Simply download the accompanying workbook here and you will be able to get started immediately.

Audio CD

For those of you (like me) that prefer a physical CD. Comes in a jewel case with the same audio as the MP3 version.

DVD 'bootleg edition'

We've had such great feedback from the workshops that we decided to put together a document for those who couldn't make it. This is a 'rough and ready' 1 cam recording of the workshop. It includes over one and a half hours of techniques, tips and learning from John Child and Jen Mak. This DVD-R release has all you need to get ahead of the curve and N.A.I.L. your first speaking gig.

BONUS: Buy the 'bootleg edition' DVD and we'll include the audio version on CD for free as part of the package.

Want to find out more about the workshop and what you'll learn? Click here to read about the session and hear what some of the participants had to say.

Buy the "bootleg" version for only £9.99
(free shipping in the UK)


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