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High Quality Posters

I believe that great presentation starts with a great mindset. Our growing range of posters are each designed to be pleasing to look at and meaningful. Printed on 250mg paper in a gloss finish these look great framed. Each A3 poster comes with an accompanying exercise to help you make the most of your purchase.All posters are shipped rolled in a postal tube to avoid unsightly folds. Posters are currently only available in the UK. We will ship them by second class post.

Quitters never win

The first in a series of posters based on the works of Napoleon Hill.

Designed to be an active reminder to focus on persistent action this poster includes the mantras:

quitters never win
winners never quit
quitters never winners
win never quit

The memorable gold ampersand (&) becomes an anchor that will help you to install these winning mindsets whatever your goal.

£4.50 + Postage


N.A.I.L. Your First Speaking Gig

As our workshops have become more widely known we realised that just because you are not able to travel to Leeds you shouldn't have to miss out on the skills and techniques covered in our introductory workshop.

DVD 'bootleg edition'

We've had such great feedback from the workshops that we decided to put together a document for those who couldn't make it. This is a 'rough and ready' 1 cam recording of the workshop. It includes over one and a half hours of techniques, tips and learning from John Child and Jen Mak. This DVD-R release has all you need to get ahead of the curve and N.A.I.L. your first speaking gig.


£9.99 (postpaid in the UK)


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