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Learn the secrets of creating more
profitable and lasting client relationships

In a world of social media and advertising noise I wanted to find out what actually worked for my business and my clients. Where price and service can no longer be seen as a USP, I wanted to find out what makes businesses stand out from the crowd.

- John Child, Presentation Skills 101

How do we, improve our marketing and our customer retention while providing, not just what the customer needs but also what they want? How do we do that and build client trust and loyalty at the same time?

In this one day deep dive workshop you’re going to learn:

1. The key to moving beyond demographics to understand your clients and prospects on a deeper level.
2. The three motivators that unite and separate your clients that will enable you to create quick and deep report.
3. How to harness the power of emotion in your pitches, presentations and prospecting.
4. How to supercharge your success through applied branding and values.
5. Five ways you can use neuro-linguistic programming to enhance your marketing and client relationships.

In a world where price and service are no longer the defining factor, there has never been a better time to develop a deep understanding of your prospects and grow your business. All businesses need to understand what motivates their clients and why.

"Ultimately marketing has become a game of throwing money at the Internet to see what sticks."

Small businesses who need to compete at a local or national level know this just doesn’t work. Price and service are no longer a USP. Genuine understanding is what creates lasting client relationships.

That's why at the end of this workshop you’ll also receive two additional 1-2-1 sessions designed to supercharge your success and focus your application of the principles.

I began training and coaching people 25 years ago. I was driven by the idea of helping people present themselves to the world. Things were going great until one day I collapsed and my life fell apart. Unable to work and unwilling to give up, I began to think about what was really important to me and the people around me. I focussed on my study of psychology and neuro-linguistic programming. It brought much more depth and meaning to my knowledge of marketing. Through trial and error I learned that people respond to what they relate to - and that success is consistency over time.

My breakthrough came one day when I was sat staring at my Facebook page. I realised just how much marketing noise there is out there. People have “brand fatigue” -  everyone’s an expert and everyone wants a private jet…

But here’s the secret…

It’s not true.

I realised that those who were genuinely successful aren’t making any noise until way after the fact. They’re too busy learning and taking action.

I began quietly testing what happens when you apply psychology to brand marketing. How does changing your approach to your clients affect your bottom line?

What I found was that when you shift your focus towards client satisfaction three things happen:

1. The amount of money you spend goes down and your marketing value goes up.
2. Clients feel understood. They want to buy from you and your client value goes up.
3. Clients become raving fans recommending you to their friends and colleagues. Prospects begin to seek you out on sales increase in a sustainable way over time.

Here is what you will learn at this one day workshop:

1. How to use demographics, the limitations and how to move beyond them.
2. The 3 key motivators that unite and separate your clients.
3. How to use this information to create irresistible marketing.*
4. The importance of emotion in your client relationship. (lead, follow, get out of the way)
5. Branding 101 - Get to know your brand (you already have one) and work with it for success.
6. NLP, rapport and other magic bullets to supercharge your success.
7. Beyond sales: standing out in the culture of noise.

* That actually works for your business-because no guru knows your business better than you.

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Five actions you can take today to begin the process:

1. Create a list of all ways you currently market your business
2. Write a list of your personal values - do they match your company values?
3. Take note: What products/services do your clients buy together? Are they what they want or what they need?
4. What drives you? What motivates you to do what you do? (In each area of your life)
5. What traits link your clients? What do they have in common?

Three things to stop doing today that will positively affect your success:

1. Don’t keep listening to online “gurus” telling you how successful they are at business - focus on your own.
2. Don’t spend any more time and money trying to figure this out on your own.
3. Don’t keep burying your head in the sand. If you don’t know how to stand out from the noise you are already lost in it.

This is a one day deep dive workshop taking place in Leeds City Centre. We will be using your business as an example, so you’ll have real results and actions by the end of the day. The session will be led by John Child, a marketer and trainer with 25 years of experience. John is an NLP and brand marketing expert with a passion for the psychology of human relationships

Here are three strategies you must know to form a deep client relationship. These three strategies will be broken down into modules and whether enrolling on my workshop or not, these are the strategies you need to know, so pay a close attention.

How to… Infuse your presentation with emotion that will resonate with your prospects and allow them to open up to the real benefits of your product or service.

How to… Get to know your customer and their drivers. Find out what they want so you can give them what they need.

How to… Present yourself and your company in a radically honest way, build rapport with your prospects and create the “raving fans” that will fuel your business quickly and easily.

This workshop contains information, practical systems and insights that people pay thousands of pounds for, but I wanted to make this program available to you for a fraction of that price. But before I tell you that price...

Here is my guarantee:

If at the end of the workshop you do not have a workable marketing strategy based on your business I will give you a full refund, no questions asked (and you can keep the bonuses).

Standard retail cost of this program is £600 but that’s not what you’re going to pay today.

I’m making this one day deep dive workshop available to you today for the special price of just £225.00.

Go ahead, click the button below and get registered

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As an added bonus…

When you sign up today you will also receive the following bonus content:

Bonus 1 Audio and video of the event that you attend, so that you can review it whenever you want.
Bonus 2 Audio download of the presentation skills introductory session – N.A.I.L. your first speaking gig.
Bonus 3 Two one hour one-to-one sessions designed to help you apply the workshop learnings, create goals and monitor progress (value £500).

In addition:

The first 10 people to sign up will get six-month access to the monthly mastermind “members only” Skype group.

The first 30 people to sign up will receive my “members only” weekly email containing the best of my marketing knowledge, which can be applied to your business immediately.

Go ahead, click the button below and enter your details to reserve your place on this workshop:

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Through gaining a deeper knowledge of our clients and their needs we can enrich all of our lives for the better.

How to contact us:

By email:

By skype / landline: 0113 328 0993