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Welcome to the Presentation Skills resources section. In addition to your tailored knowledgebase we have set up this section to offer general advice and help relating to presentation skills and success. Over time this section will grow into a library of information in various formats that you can access at any time.


2018 is set to be a busy year for John and for PresentationSkills101. We have signed up to produce 3 new weekly podcasts that you will be able to access from this page as well as on YouTube (video) and the usual audio podcast outlets.

The Business Growth Weekly

A fun project and all too brief. The Business Growth Weekly was a weekly podcast featuring myself and Steven Swift. The idea was to pick a subject and talk around it for a while. The unedited conversation was put out on youtube with the aim of entertaining and educating new and small business owners. As we went on we found it difficult to keep to a timetable. We had a lot of fun making these.

Years later these videos are slightly cringeworthy (and a couple of them have gone missing) but the content still stands up. I hope you enjoy them. See the episodes here.


Your opportunity to ask a question related to presentation skills. Each week John will answer one or two questions that we have received this week. Each episode is a maximum of 10 minutes long so you can get the information you need in bite sized chunks.


Each week John looks at a different resource related to personal and business success. Only those that are worth recommending get reviewed so that over time this will become an invaluable library of products, books, courses, apps and techniques. Each episode is a maximum of 10 minutes.

Courage to Confidence

The podcast that grew out of the 'N.A.I.L your first speaking gig' sessions. John Child and Jen Mak pick a topic related to presentation skills or time management, turn on a camera and have a chat. Over time the show will include reviews, interviews and regular news for those with an interest in self development.

N.A.I.L. Your First Speaking Gig

If you've read the ebook or seen / heard the workshop you'll know that there are a number of free resources that compliment the information. You can download all of those resources here.


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