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The Business Growth Weekly

A fun project and all too brief. The Business Growth Weekly was a weekly podcast featuring myself and Steven Swift. The idea was to pick a subject and talk around it for a while. The unedited conversation was put out on youtube with the aim of entertaining and educating new and small business owners. As we went on we found it difficult to keep to a timetable. We had a lot of fun making these.

Years later these videos are slightly cringeworthy (and a couple of them have gone missing) but the content still stands up. I hope you enjoy them.


Episode One - Why do we do it?
Audio episode. Who are we and what made us want to start our businesses

Episode Two - What is a business?

Audio episode. We talk about the different definitions of a successful business. Does the definition have to be the same for different types of business model? We discuss the value of asking 'Why?' and how that can keep you motivated through the hard work of building a solid foundation for your future.


Episode Three - Location Location Location

In episode three we ignore the fact that John has had a terrible haircut and talk about the importance of location. The types of business models that are out there and we touch on the idea of creating a vision.

Episode Four - Master your mindset & vision

If you watch only two of these videos make this one of them. John talks Steve through exercises that help to give you a sustainable vision of the future.


Episode Five - Branding your business

We talk about Branding. Why is it important and how do you start. Using our own logos as an example we talk you through some of the thought processes we used along the way.

Episode Six - We pick our top 10 resources

Possibly my favourite episode. The one that spawned the #johnrecommends show. John and Steve pick 10 resources each. Watch this video and build your success resource library.


Episode Seven - Is the world getting smaller?

We cover technology, travel and cultural difference.

Episode Eight - Building a network

An introduction to networking. What is it and how can you use it to grow your business. Is there a right way to network?


Episode Nine - Success costs money (?)

This one does exactly what it says on the tin. A discussion on the role of money in running a business.

Episode Twelve - How to build success into your day

The notorious 'sugar rush' episode. We barely manage to give our top tips for building success into your day.. Steven copes with the side effects of too many sweets and we talk about how distraction can sabotage your 'to do' list.


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